The Michael Gaines Foundation embraces youth and their value by providing hands-on experiences to promote positive growth, creativeness, achievement and learning key components to find success. Through the efforts of the foundation and the assistance of charitable contributors, we can unite and make a significance difference in our community.

Mentoring Program

The Michael Gaines Foundation mentoring  program objective is to educated individuals holistically to increase positive growth and develop more well rounded socially conscious young adults. Our program encourages the youth to breakthrough stigmas and helps them visualize their place in society as strong leaders.

G Readers Club

The Michael Gaines Foundation G Readers Club encourages children to read independently and bring awareness to literacy in Leon county schools. In partnership with our community partners, The Michael Gaines Foundation goal is to increase reading achievement in Leon County Schools by offering unprecedented incentives and personal encouragement for participants of the G Readers Club.

Principal for a Day

Principal for a Day at Florida High School Giving Back to his former alumni Florida High School, The Michael Gaines Foundation will host an Principal for a Day to encourage students to stay in school and promote success in money management. The event is sponsored by community partner Wells Fargo.

Healthy Living & Lifestyle Program

Healthy Living & Lifestyle Program is one that is dedicated to encouraging healthy lifestyles and better choices regarding the environment among our youth and young adults. We utilize workshops to educate the youth on issues relating to physical activities, environmental awareness, childhood obesity and nutritional health.

The Michael Gaines Foundation's healthy living and lifestyle goals are to increase awareness and provide health care and wellness information to individuals with limited access promote. The organization's provides health education programs and free health screenings in the Big Bend Area annually. Current Healthy Living & Lifestyle programs include:

Tallahassee Kids Fair

Tallahassee Kids Fair is a one of a kind interactive event that will give children of all ages in Tallahassee an opportunity to experience fun, education and health and wellness all in a family friendly environment. The Tallahassee Kids Fair will be a one stop shopping environment to market products and services to family demographic that including parents, teachers, family decision makers, and children. The Tallahassee kids fair will also have live entertainment, hands on demonstrations, informational booths and appearances by celebrities. Our goal is to educate the public of the resources, products and services designed to enrich the lives of the residents of Tallahassee. Don’t miss out on the biggest event to hit North Florida.

Holiday Hunger Program

Hunger in America has been, and continues to be, a real problem for a significant part of our population. Therefore, The Michael Gaines Foundation is making the fight against hunger a part of our mission. The Michael Gaines Foundation annually distributes food, and other necessities to individuals less served in those communities. The Foundation provides holiday meals to over 1,000 families in the Big Bend Area during the holiday season.

Youth Cooking Workshops

The Michael Gaines Foundation educates kids and their families about food and cooking, encouraging them to get moving in the kitchen while making meals that are simple, healthy, affordable and of course delicious. Participants work hands on with professional chefs to create foods that are healthy while learning more about food preparation, ingredients and culinary creativeness.

Back 2 Basics Sports Clinics

The Michael Gaines Foundation will offer free sports clinics in our six sports focus areas for participants. Sports Clinic will encourage and promote ongoing healthy living among participants. The objective for the sports clinics is to improve the overall health and well-being of youth through physical fitness, quality food choices, character development, and mentorship.


The Michael Gaines Foundation re-established in Tallahassee with a mission to improve the lives of others through a commitment to service.